Aura academy of art, Music Learning Center is dedicated to its vision of providing the highest quality music training for serious music students and music enthusiasts of all ages. We offer comprehensive and personalized music training for all age groups like children, working or non-working adults.


Give wings to your passion for learning keyboard with Aura. Keyboard playing is an art that anyone can learn with dedication and concentration. If you are looking out for the best place to try out, Aura is the best place to learn keyboard classes in Dubai. 

Instructors: Joy, Aaroh Alex, Aklar Jamal


Aura academy of arts offers violin classes in Sharjah & Dubai for all ages. We offer a comprehensive program structure that is specifically designed to enhance the musicality of the students. Our program teaches our students sight-reading, musical theory, and passionate performance to every piece. Among all the musical instruments, the violin is perhaps the most stirring and emotionally stimulating instrument of all. Because of the deeply emotional sound the violin produces, it usually referred to as the door to the performers’ heart and passion. Played well, the violin and the performer project emotion to the listeners and touch their hearts.

Instructors: Joy, Aaroh Alex, Aklar Jamal


Aura offers one of the best guitar classes in Sharjah & Dubai. Aura academy of fine arts teaches guitar lessons for kids and adults. Whether you are a young kid wanting to try your hands on it, an experienced teen trying to enhance skills, or an adult who wishes to learn how it is played. Our highly qualified guitar teachers in Sharjah & Dubai are here to help nurture and motivates our students to foster their needs. Our guitar lessons are structured to match the student’s needs whether you are learning acoustic, classic, or electric guitar. While the guitar lessons teach our students to read chords and play pieces, it is also a way in engaging them for a fun-filled lesson every student will look forward to. We teach guitar for beginners to experienced ones. Our lessons are designed for students to learn the guitar and continue their passion in a fun and artistic way. We teach guitar basics to advanced skills depending on the student’s need.

Instructors: Reze, Joy, Aaroh Alex, Aklar Jamal


The Vocal classes at Aura academy of fine arts combines technical and creative development with live performing experiences that encourages students to explore their stylistic identity, becoming singers that can adapt to a wide variety of musical styles, including blues, r&b, rock, jazz and even live vocal looping.

Instructors: Vishnu, Gouwri