Fitness Classes

The Aura Fitness team is very enthusiastic in giving you what you need to reach your health and fitness goals with moral support in a comfortable and encouraging environment

Bolly fit

Bolly Fit is a fun workout program consisting of dance fitness, toning, stretching, yoga and meditation. Classes are easy paced and perfect for absolute beginners to fitness freaks. Termed as “The Happy Workout” Bolly Active classes are high on fun and energy accompanied by energizing Bollywood music.

Instructors: Sabrina


The high-energy classes are set to upbeat music. You don’t need to be a great dancer to feel welcome in a Zumba class. You’ll get a great cardio workout that melts fat, strengthens your core, and improves flexibility

Instructors: Sobin Varghese


Yoga classes in Sharjah & Dubai, It’s time to roll out your yoga mat and discover the combination of physical and mental exercises that for thousands of years have hooked yoga practitioners around the globe. The beauty of yoga is that you don’t have to be a yogi or yogini to reap the benefits. Whether you are young or old, overweight or fit, yoga has the power to calm the mind and strengthen the body. Don’t be intimidated by yoga terminology, fancy yoga studios, and complicated poses. Yoga is for everyone.


Instructors: Asif CK, Sushma

Animal Flow

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Instructors: Sobin Varghese, Asif CK