Fine Arts

Aura Academy of Arts, Cheer your kid to follow what satisfies them with the best Art & Craft classes in Dubai & Sharjah


This world is a canvas to your imagination and kids have the imaginations at the peak now. So let them paint it out in a canvas at Art classes in Aura Academy of Arts Sharjah & Dubai. It is not at all a worry that you haven’t seen hold a pencil properly yet. Not every kid is an in born artist, practice makes them perfect and we chisel their talents to perfection and give new colors to their visual world. As the saying, Art is not what you see but make others see. So it is going to be a visual treat to you also when you can get into the imaginary world of your kid.

Instructors: Ruby

Art & craft

Art and Craft in Aura Academy of Arts is a children’s entertainment and play area specializing in painting and crafts workshops, complete with a fully equipped art room. Your active little ones will also enjoy exploring the soft-play area, Carnivel games, and veriety types of skill development classes.

Instructors: Ruby