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Welcome to Aura Academy of Arts, With a mission to create and support people who are interested in dance and other arts talented activities through shared expertise and experience, we invite you to get involved in dance and meet new people, gain confidence, learn a new skill, and be part of a fun and active community 

About Us


Aura is a group of companies that provides services in multiple entertainment fields such as Aura Fine Arts Institute, Aura Production, Aura Event Management, Aura Kids School, Aura Costumes, and more. Launched in July 2017, we are forerunners in our field with dedicated staff with thousands of satisfied customers.

What we do

With more than 4000 students, 2000 shows, 100 production projects, and 100 Percent satisfied clients in Digital solution, We are now the top service providers in these fields with a fast-growing client list


We offer a wide variety of International certified courses in different categories such as Dance, Fitness, Martial Arts, Music, Drama, and Fine Arts


We are the best Fitness Class institute in Dubai, Sharjah - Yoga, Zumba, Bollyfit, Desi Exercise.
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martial arts

We provide martial arts classes in Sharjah and Dubai. Courses - Karate, Kung-fu, Kalari, Mixed Martial Arts & Taekwondo.
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Music Class in Sharjah and Dubai, We provide Keyboard, Violin, Guitar, and Vocal classes
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fine arts

We offer the best Art and Craft and Drawing training in Sharjah and Dubai
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Creative charts

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We offer a wide variety of courses such as hip hop, Bollywood, classical etc

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More than 1k students successfully completed the courses

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Professional instructors that are experts in their field. 

Kids club

We care about your kids as you care about your kids !! The kids club is an exclusive kids full day club and care facility which operates for the sole purpose of occupying kids with various skill development activities in a fun-filled and safe environment


Take a peek inside our Showorld


With the experience of more than 2000 performing arts shows around the world, Aura Dance Company is the best in the show business.
The Crew is active in the field of shows for more than 10 years and have performed on various platform’s such as Tv Award Shows, Movie Shoots, Reality Shows, Theatres, Corporate Events, Wedding events etc

Productions Digital Marketing Web Development Branding

Aurians Productions is a leading advertising company in Dubai.  Aurians Production offers a gamut of services ranging from ad film creation to media productions, corporate films, etc. The dedicated team at Aurians strives to deliver tailor-made solutions for you. In this age of competition, films can be the most competent and effective medium to reach out to the masses. When time is luxury, all organizations can easily promote themselves and their product through a simple and resounding film. Not just that, today one can easily share films on social media and engage in viral marketing.

What Our students Have to Say

Hot Releases

Hot releases are the forum in which we release our latest concept video shoots to give exposure to our students and to showcase our professional crew’s works.